Monograph on Intracranial Tumors

By Harvey Cushing, M.D., F.A.C.S., etc. Illustrated. Charles C. Thomas. Springfield, Ill.

E. W. A. Ochsner
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The monograph which was presented before the International Neurological Congress in Berne, Switzerland, typifies Dr. Cushing's work in that it is based upon his own personal experience of intracranial neoplasia and consists of a critical analysis of his cases. It comprises a study of 2,023 verified tumors, which Dr. Cushing has had in his clinic. In each instance, the type of tumor and the result obtained is illustrated by means of a particular case or group of cases. In the monograph of 149 pages, obviously diagnosis and surgical technic cannot be given, but a consideration of the results obtained in the various types of tumors is beautifully presented and in a way in which only Dr. Cushing could do. A detailed review of the work is impossible, and to attempt to abstract such a monograph, every word of which is significant, is out of the question.

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