Lehrbuch Der Helminthologie. Eine Naturgeschichte der in deutschen Säugetieren und Vögeln schmarotzenden Würmer, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Helminthen des Menschen, der Haustiere und wichtigsten Nutztiere

By Curt E. W. Sprehn. Pp. 1–998. 374 text-figures. Gebrüder Borntraeger, Berlin, 1932

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This elaborate and pretentious manual on the natural history of parasitic worms of German mammals and birds will undoubtedly prove to be an extremely important and valuable source of information in the field of Helminthology. The book is written by a Professor of Veterinary Parasitology and Comparative Zoology in the University of Leipzig. It is therefore not primarily a source for the medical Parasitologist but treats the subject from a broader point of view. The introductory section of 176 pages on the natural history of helminths takes up in orderly fashion the following subjects: (1) Parasites and Parasitism, (2) The Origin of Parasitism, (3) Nomenclature, (4) The Skeletal System of Classification of the Worms and (5) The Life History of Helminths. This last subject is presented quite thoroughly under the class groups (a) Trematodes, (b) Cestodes, (c) Nematodes, (d) Acanthocephala and (e) Pentastomes.