La Distomatosis Hepatica en Cuba

By Pedro Kouri, M.D., and Rogelio Arenas, M.D. Habana. 176 pp. 30 figs. 1932

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This monograph on Fasciola hepatica infection is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Mario G. Lebredo and Professor Arístides Agramonte. While it presents considerable information on the biology and geographical distribution of the organism and the pathology which it produces in domestic animals, the greater part of the study is devoted to a presentation of 7 case histories of infected individuals who had been studied by the authors. With the exception of one previous instance these are the first records of fascioliasis in Cuba. Specific diagnosis was made by recovering eggs of Fasciola in the feces and also from bile B and C, obtained through a duodenal sound. Treatment with emetin hydrochloride (3 cgm. per diem for seventeen or eighteen days) is stated to have cleared up the symptoms and eradicated the worms.

The publication is well printed and is accompanied by excellent photomicrographs of eggs and liver sections.