Malaria Control by Anti-mosquito Measures

By Gordon Covell, Assistant Director, Malaria Survey of India. Published by Thacker, Spink and Company, Ltd., 1931

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Part I (10 pages) of this book considers protection against bites of mosquitoes. It deals with such subjects as nets, repellents, screening, etc. Part II (20 pages) is devoted to measures directed against adult mosquitoes under the following headings: destruction by hand, traps, fumigation, sprays, cutting down of jungle and other vegetation, cultivation of alleged deterrent trees and plants, the use of bats as mosquito-destroyers and zooprophylaxis. Part III (63 pages) takes up measures directed against the larvae of mosquitoes under the following topics: clearing of jungle or scrub, drainage, oiling, chemical larvicides, copper sulphate, vegetable larvicides, larvicidal fish, introduction of deterrent aquatic plants, biological control of mosquito breeding and methods advocated in certain special circumstances.

The wealth of detailed information found in such a small book is surprising and all workers interested in the destruction of Anopheline mosquitoes will find this book useful, especially those individuals who do not have access to a good library.