Handbook of Protozoology

By Richard Roksabro Kudo. Pp. 1–451. Illustrated. Springfield and Baltimore: Chas. C. Thomas, 1931

Chas. F. Craig
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This work, which is intended for teachers of biology in colleges and universities, field workers in pure and applied biological sciences, veterinarians, physicians, public health workers and others, is a well arranged but somewhat brief consideration of the Protozoa, especially valuable to teachers of biology in colleges and universities, but too systematic and brief to be generally useful to either physicians or veterinarians.

The book is divided into two parts, the first, of three chapters, comprising an account of the morphology, physiology and reproduction of Protozoa, while the second part, consisting of thirty chapters, considers the taxonomy, biology and development of common Protozoa. There are numerous valuable differential keys and the illustrations are numerous and excellent.

The publisher is to be congratulated upon the physical appearance of this book, for it is beautifully bound, well printed, and apparently no expense has been spared in the illustrations which are finely reproduced and very numerous.

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