Mikrobiologie und Immunitaetslehre

Ein Leitfaden für Studierende und Aerzte. (Microbiology and Immunology.) A guide for students and Physicians.) By Dr. h. Hetsch. Pp. 433 with an index. No illustrations. Paper binding. Berlin: Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1931

Paul A. Schule
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Dr. Hetsch is the co-author with Dr. Kolle of the well-known text, Experimental Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases. The present small book offers a brief exposition of the experimental principles and established facts in this branch of science. All questions which are still of a hypothetical or controversial character are purposely omitted or only briefly touched on. It is a book in which the busy clinician may find a brief statement to clear up a hazy recollection of certain facts in microbiology; or a text which may be useful for the medical student in cramming for an examination. It is something like a good quiz compend. Indeed, the author states in his preface that the book should make it possible for the reader to refresh his memory on the courses that he has taken in microbiology and to become acquainted with recent advances in the science.

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