A Method for Feeding Blood Meals to Mosquitoes—Male and Female

Preliminary Note

Paul F. Russell
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The following method for feeding blood meals to male and female mosquitoes has proved to be useful and simple.

Adult mosquitoes are put into glass cylinders 3 inches in diameter and 3 inches high. (These are sold as “oil cup cylinders.”) Over each end of the cylinder cloth netting is fastened with adhesive tape. This screen should have a mesh of sixteen holes to the inch and should be of good quality, not too soft.

The cylinder containing the mosquitoes is placed in a glass Petri dish and a small quantity of mango juice is smeared on the top screen. Just enough juice is used to attract the mosquitoes but not enough for them to suck up any of it. A glass Petri dish is placed over the top of the cylinder and remains there while the blood meal is being prepared. Our experience has been that the mosquitoes become very much interested in obtaining some of the fruit juice and congregate at the top screen trying unsuccessfully to feed.

Author Notes