The Treatment of Tape Worm Through Duodenal Tube

Herbert Gunn Stanford University Medical School, San Francisco, California

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The treatment of tape worm infection by the usual drugs given by mouth has proved anything but satisfactory in my hands and judging from the length of time that the infestation had been present in a number of patients who have consulted me I imagine that the usual treatment is unsatisfactory to many physicians.

It is not unusual for a patient to give a history of several unsuccessful attempts at removal of the parasite. The last 2 cases I treated, the history in one was that the parasite had been present for six years and four or five courses of treatment had been taken. In the other the parasite had been present for thirteen years and many attempts at removal had proved unsuccessful. The medication had on several occasions produced such illness that the patient enquired if it were advisable for him to make a will before taking the treatment again.

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