Climate; A Treatise on the Principles of Weather and Climate

By W. G. Kendrew. The Clarendom Press, Oxford, 1930

E. B. Vedder
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Medical men are always discussing the effect of climate on health. They all have a general idea as to what constitutes climate, but many of them have very little conception of the relation between insolation and temperature in different latitudes, or of other of the complex details that comprise the climate. The British in India still attribute the unquestioned prostration that occurs in the plains during the hot season to insolation, quite regardless of the fact that the insolation is more intense at the health resort in Simla.

This book explains these details and the reason for them scientifically yet in comparatively non-technical language. It should be of great value to all physicians who are studying the effect of climate either upon health or upon specific diseases.

The book is well made and printed, easy to handle, and profusely illustrated, with 117 figures and 12 plates to 320 pages.

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