Les Moustiques de la Cochinchine et du sud Annam

By E. Borel. Masson et Cie., Paris, 1930. 423 pp., with 122 original text figures and three plates. Paper binding

Paul A. Schule
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This is one of a series of monographs of the Societe de Pathologie Exotique. Professor E. Roubaud of the Pasteur Institute of Paris writes the preface and informs the reader that, after the death of the author, it was decided to gather into one volume the papers, drawings and notes which represent the fruits of some four years of study in Cochin China and Southern Annam. Some of the material has already been published in the Archives des Institutes Pasteur d'Indochine.

The text is made up of three parts. The first consists of thirty pages dealing with geographic and climatic conditions. The second part, three hundred and forty pages, is a systematic and biologic study of the mosquitoes of Cochin China and Southern Annam. The third part, about thirty-five pages, contains observations on the epidemiology of those diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, Malaria, Dengue and Filariasis.