Le Bouton D'Orient. Leishmaniose Cutanée et son traitement moderne

By Georges Higoumenakis. Masson et Cie, Paris, 1930

E. B. Vedder
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This book of 150 pages is a monographic discussion of oriental sore or cutaneous leishmaniasis as seen in the East. It includes a history of the disease, a description of the parasite in the sore and in cultures, a discussion of the method of transmission and of experimental inoculations, pathology, descriptions of its various clinical appearances, prophylaxis and treatment.

The discussion of the method of transmission is disappointing since it makes no mention of the important work incriminating the Phlebotomus as the vector of the disease, and the description of the parasite leaves much to be desired from the viewpoint of a protozoölogist. The clinical description, however, is good and is reinforced with about 30 illustrations. The most important feature is the treatment, coagulation of the tissue by diathermy. It is claimed that the parasite is killed by 70°C., and the diathermic current is adjusted to produce this temperature and to coagulate the tissue of the sore.

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