Location of Dengue Virus in the Body of Mosquitoes

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  • United States Army Medical Department Research Board, Bureau of Science, Manila, P. I.

As the first of a series of experiments to determine more of the characteristics of dengue virus it was deemed advisable to locate the portions of the body of the mosquito which harbored the virus.

Five volunteers, A. V. 12-Ordway, Clyde M., A. V. 13-Neiman, Abraham R., A. V. 14-Cummings, Eugene F., A. V. 15-Eades, Gilbert L., and A. V. 16-Hauser, Chesley, were placed in separate screened cubicles in a screened ward at Sternberg General Hospital, Manila, for an observation period of eight days, beginning October 2, 1930. All volunteers were recent arrivals in the Philippines, gave no history of ever having had dengue and did not develop dengue during the observation period. At the end of the observation period, October 10, 1930, 20 cc. of blood was removed from the median basilic vein of A. V. 14-Cummings, allowed to coagulate, the coagulum separated, placed in the ice box over night and on the morning of October 11 the serum was removed.