The Treatment of the Nasal Passages and the Eyes with Chaulmoogra Oil in Leprosy

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  • New Orleans, Louisiana

If in the study of the eye my experience only confirmed the general opinion relative to the value of chaulmoogra oil in the treatment of leprosy, there would be no reason for adding to the literature on the subject. But in studying this literature with some care I have found no monograph or even emphasized statement on the point I wish to bring out concerning the care of the leper's eyes. This fact is my justification in presenting this paper.

In order to make myself clear I shall first state the historical development of the administration of the oil, and then I shall add what I consider my contribution to this development.

From ancient times until the year 1914 the pure oil was used. And thereafter until the present time its fatty acids and their derivatives have been administered to the leper with encouraging results.