Studies on Yellow Fever in South America

Attempts to Transmit the Virus with Certain Aedine and Sabethine Mosquitoes and with Triatomas (Hemiptera)

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  • Yellow Fever Laboratory of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation, at Bahia, Brazil


  1. 1.Aëdes fluviatilis has been found to transmit yellow fever virus under laboratory conditions. As few as three insects have produced a fatal infection by feeding on a rhesus monkey.
  2. 2.Aëdes taeniorhynchus has proved to be a less efficient host than Aë. fluviatilis. However, in one instance a fatal infection of yellow fever resulted from the bites of this species.
  3. 3.No transmission of yellow fever has been secured by the bites or by the injection of Sabethine mosquitoes.
  4. 4.It is thought that in one instance yellow fever virus remained alive in the bodies of Triatoma megista for one week. However, the experiments with Triatoma have been rather inconclusive.