Problems and Methods of Research in Protozoology

Edited by Robert Hegner and Justin Andrews. 1930. Pp. I–IX, 1–532. The Macmillan Company, New York

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The subject of protozoology is rapidly increasing in importance to the public health officer, physician, and medical scientist, with the rapid advances that are being made in our knowledge of the parasitic protozoa of man and animals, and with our better realization of the relation many of these protozoan organisms bear to human health and prosperity. The editors of this work have endeavored to bring together information of value to students and investigators in protozoology that is scattered in various journals and other publications having to do with methods of research and problems which are still unsolved in this fascinating branch of zoology. The work is written by specialists in the various fields of protozoology and contains a vast amount of information which will undoubtedly prove of great value in future research in protozoology.