Merck's Index. (Fourth Edition.) An Encyclopedia for the Chemist, Pharmacist and Physician

Merck and Company, Rahway, N. J., 1930, Pp. 1–585

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This, the fourth edition of the well-known Merck's Index, is the first that has appeared in English since 1907, although editions appeared in French in 1914, 1927 and 1929. This long interval since the appearance of an English edition has enabled the authors to thoroughly revise and enlarge the work and it now contains practically a complete list of all drugs and chemicals used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and allied professions. Each drug, or chemical, is briefly described as regards its nature, uses and reactions, and, if used in medicine, its dosage and the conditions in which it has been found beneficial, as well as its incompatibilities. There is a useful Appendix containing tables of atomic weights, reactions of the more important alkaloids and glucosides, characteristic reactions of acids, bases, metals and salts, metric equivalents, thermometric equivalents, percentage solution tables, both apothecary and metric, and a list of abbreviations.