The Problem of Eradication of Strongylodies Intestinalis

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  • Graduate School of Medicine, Tulane University, New Orleans, La.

Of all the intestinal parasites which have so far successfully eluded human efforts towards their eradication, Strongyloides intestinalis rightfully deserves special mention. It seems as if Mother Nature has invested this parasite with a cloak of manifold mysteries which parasitologists, the world over, have failed so far to penetrate.

The question of how to eradicate Strongyloides intestinalis attracted my attention during the World War in 1918, when I had the opportunity of treating several thousand cases of hookworm disease. At that time, a number of cases of infection with Strongyloides intestinalis came under my observation. My strong desire to find a specific killer for Miss Hookworm's closest relative was further intensified when, on my return home, I was charged with the duty of curing a chronic invalid who had been operated four times.

A brief outline of that interesting case is as follows: