Le Trachome

By A. Cuénod and R. Nataf. Masson et Cie, Paris, 1930

E. B. Vedder
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In this monograph of 234 pages with 39 original figures part of them in color, the authors have set themselves the task of presenting a complete summary of the subject. Beginning with the definition of trachoma, its Geographical Distribution, Symptomatology and Complications, its Diagnosis, Treatment, Pathological Anatomy, Etiology, and Prophylaxis are discussed.

The book is well printed, and is lucid, as is the work of nearly all Frenchmen, and should be a welcome addition to the library of the ophthalmologist.

It is definitely stated that the disease is caused by a filterable virus, since the authors found that virus filtered through Berkefeld V bougies produced typical trachoma in two series of experiments. In the first, the disease was produced in a chimpanzee and from this animal to a macaccus (Macacus innus) and in the second from one macaccus to another.

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