A Handbook of the Mosquitoes of North America. Their Structure. How they Live. How they Carry Disease. How they may be Studied. How they may be Controlled. How they may be Identified

By Robert Matheson. Pp. xvii and 209, 23 text figures and 6 plates of photographs and 19 plates of drawings. Published by Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1929

Paul A. Schule
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North America of the title should be understood as excluding Central America. The anatomy, biology and control of mosquitoes, methods of study and the rôle of these insects in the spread of certain diseases, all are presented very briefly and serve as an introduction to the systematic account of the North American Culicidae, or rather Culicinae, since, using the author's own terms, the Chaoborinae are not included.

The author states his purpose thus: “to present as concise an account as possible of the species occurring in North America, to summarize their life histories, habits, breeding habitats, their relation to our own welfare, and to discuss the problem involved in any attempt at their reduction. It is also hoped to present the taxonomic part so that beginners, public health workers, medical men and the average citizen may be able to identify our common species and take a direct interest in the reduction and control of the most annoying forms.”