A System of Bacteriology in Relation to Medicine. Vol. IV. Medical Research Council

By H. J. Bensted, W. Bulloch, L. Dudgeon, A. G. Gardner, E. D. W. Greig, D. Harvey, W. F. Harvey, T. J. Mackie, R. A. O'Brien, H. M. Perry, H. Scutze, P. Bruce White, W. J. Wilson. London, 1929. His Majesty's Stationery Office. Pp. 1–482

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This, the fourth volume of the nine volume System of Bacteriology to be published by the Medical Research Council of England, well bears out the promise of the third volume recently reviewed in this Journal. This volume covers the enteric group, vibrios and the Pasteurella, each subject being considered by the authors having special experience with the organism described.

In a review it is impossible to discuss all of the subjects treated, but it may be stated that, without exception, every chapter is well done, and covers all that is worth knowing of the organism described. The enteric group, comprising the typhoid bacillus, the Salmonella group, the dysentery group and the colon group, are especially well done, and the bacteriologist will find here the most advanced information we have of these important bacilli. In all of the subjects treated it is noted that the text is written by experts upon the particular portion of the subject upon which they are best qualified to write.