The Immunology of Parasitic Infections

By William H. Taliaferro, Ph.D. Pp. I-XV. 1-414. The Century Company. New York and London

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This work represents the first effort that has been made to gather together in one place all of the voluminous work that has been done upon the immunology of infections caused by animal parasites, and the author is to be congratulated upon this most valuable contribution to medical and biological science. One has but to glance through the book to realize the immense amount of work involved in finding, reviewing and evaluating the hundreds of papers referred to in the text, but the author will have the satisfaction of knowing that his labor has not been in vain, for this work is one that will prove of the very greatest assistance to everyone interested in the numerous and important infections caused by animal parasites.

The immunology of infections caused by the protozoa is very thoroughly covered and one is surprised at the amount of valuable information that has accumulated regarding the serological reactions produced by the various parasitic protozoa which live in man, and their value in diagnosis.