Recent Advances in Cardiology

By C. R. Terence East, M.A., M.D., and C. W. Curtis Bain, M.C., M.B. Pp. 342. 12 plates and 57 text-figures. Philadelphia. P. Blakiston's Son & Co. 1929. Cloth

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This latest addition to the “Recent Advances” series covers a field of medicine that is of first importance to both practitioner and medical student. Our knowledge of the diseases of the heart and circulation has undergone revolutionary changes in the past twenty-five years, largely as a result of the work of Mackenzie and Lewis. The conceptions of the primary importance of the condition of the heart muscle in the prognosis and treatment of heart affections and the explanation of the cardiac disturbances which underlie the arrhythmias have been the outstanding developments of the period.

The present volume is designed to furnish to the practitioner, who qualified ten or fifteen years ago, a concise and clear presentation of the modern conceptions of cardiac disease and also as a handbook to those seeking special knowledge on cardiac subjects. Throughout the book the electrocardiogram has been considered, properly, as part of the clinical picture of the case and electrocardiographic methods and findings are set forth dearly and lucidly.