Human Helminthology

A Manual for Clinicians, Sanitarians and Medical Zoologists. By Ernest Carroll Faust, Ph.D. Pp. xxii and 616, illustrated with 297 engravings. Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia. 1929

Paul A. Schule
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The author of the above text, by his broad knowledge of zoology, by his extensive researches in helminthology, and by his long teaching experience in Peking Union Medical College, is eminently fitted to prepare a manual such as the above title indicates. An ambitious effort was to be expected from Professor Faust. The result is far beyond expectations. The book is undoubtedly the best writing on the subject that has appeared in the English language.

Helminthology is a subject of ever growing importance for the clinician, the sanitarian and the zoologist. The author has assembled an enormous number of facts and has presented them in well ordered array. The book is divided into four sections. The first (64 pages) treats briefly but amply the phenomenon of parasitism by helminths, the development of our knowledge of helminthology, nomenclature and the available and current literature.