Die Bangsche Krankheit beim Menschen. (Bang's Disease in Man.)

By Dr. Gustav Spengler. Pp. 51, with a bibliography. Paper binding. Urban & Schwarzenberg, Berlin N24. 1929

Paul A. Schule
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Bang's Disease in man is that due to an infection with Br. abortus (Bang). This term distinguishes it from the undulant fever due to Br. melitensis. Though the two organisms and the diseases are much alike, it is well to make the distinction.

Very few cases of this disease have been reported from Austria. The author has studied several and, in addition, reports some examples of latent infection discovered in persons associated with the clinical cases at the time the infection was incurred. He gives a short summary of the literature, particularly reports from Europe.

The non-technical side of the bacteriology and epidemiology of the disease is briefly presented. The clinical manifestations of the infection are set forth in greater detail. The author uses excellent judgment in evaluating the observations of others as well as his own experiences with the disease. His language is clear and the monograph, as a whole, is an excellent presentation of the disease in man due to Bang's bacillus.