Pathogenic Microörganisms

By W. H. Park, A. W. Williams and C. Krumwiede. 9th Ed. pp. 819 with 216 engravings and 9 colored plates. Lea & Febiger. Philadelphia. 1929

C. G. Sinclair
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In this edition the work has been given a very extensive revision and many parts of the book have been completely rewritten. It is mostly a thorough work on Medical Bacteriology and Immunology, with added briefer consideration of Pathogenic Fungi and Protozoa. In its 779 pages of text it presents very efficiently its objective.

The imprint of the authors is indelibly impressed in the subject matter presented, the many phases of the field advanced by them being authoritatively expressed.

A particularly convenient feature of this book is the very complete bibliography carried along with the text, referring to all the important pivotal points quoted, so that the reviewer has at hand, if he wishes to search sources, a thoroughly sound bibliography.

So complete and so well chosen and expressed is the material of this book that one must search far in it to pick out any faults.