A Manual of External Parasites

By Henry Elisworth Ewing United States Bureau of Entomology. Pp. xiv, 1–203 and an index; 96 figures in the text. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Ill., and Baltimore, Maryland, 1929

Paul A. Schule
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The scope of this manual may be stated best by quoting from the author's preface: “Treatment has been confined entirely to the five major groups of ectoparasites; the mites, the ticks, the biting lice, the sucking lice and the fleas.” And again: “It is not meant that this work shall be a treatise on the economy of the ectoparasites, but rather here is given a sketch of their more evident morphological characters, an enumeration and synopsis of their taxonomic groups and short discussions of their life histories and natural relationships.” “Keys in most instances have been given to the known genera of the world.” “… Those who are particularly interested in the morphology and economy of ectoparasites will be guided to other sources through references to literature given at the end of each chapter.”

As indicated above, the material is chiefly of a taxonomic character.