Transmission of Dengue Virus from Infected to Normal Aedes Aegypti

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  • United States Army Medical Department Research Board, Bureau of Science, Manila, Philippine Islands

By the use of a special technique described below it has been possible to infect normal Aedes aegypti by feeding them a suspension of macerated dengue-infected A. aegypti mixed with normal blood.

TECHNIQUE The clean fresh skin of a young exsanguinated guinea pig was freed of hair, stretched evenly over the shallow depression in the rectangular lid of a staining dish, and held firmly in place by means of a wire frame and rubber bands. After removing a portion of the air with a Leur syringe the shallow space beneath the skin was refilled with a mixture of normal citrated human blood and macerated dengue-infected A. aegypti. Enough of this material was injected to cause the skin to bulge and then the hole caused by the needle was sealed with melted paraffin. The mixture was kept warm by placing the inverted lid on top of the staining dish after the latter had been partially filled with water heated to 55°C.