Sanitary Entomology, the Entomology of Disease, Hygiene, and Sanitation

Edited by William Dwight Pierce, Consulting Entomologist, U. S. Department of Agriculture. Boston, Richard G. Badger, (1921). 518 pp., 28 pls., 88 figs. in text. $10

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  • University of California, Berkeley, California
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Interest in sanitation resulting from the desire of entomologists of the United States to contribute to the efficiency and success of the Allied armies in the World War is responsible for this book. It originated as a mimeographed text in 1918, sent out to over 500 members of a voluntary class of entomologists aspiring to prepare themselves for sanitary service along entomological lines. The work is a coöperative one, the contributors all being members of the staff of the Bureau of Entomology, United States Department of Agriculture, with the single exception of Dr. H. A. Ballou, Imperial Entomologist, Barbados, who contributes the chapter on “Flies and Lice in Egypt.”