Chrysops Costata, a Blood-Sucking Fly from Cuba

W. H. HoffmannLaboratory for Medical Research, Las Animas Hospital, Habana, Cuba

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Last winter, in the cool and dry season from November till March, I was bitten in Habana repeatedly by a blood-sucking chrysops fly. Curiously enough none of the Cuban residents knew the fly and even good observers, experts of tropical medicine and entomology, did not remember to have had similar experiences.

I think, therefore, a short notice may be justified, though it is not a new species, but the well known Chrysops costata Fabr. of Central America, as I am informed by Dr. W. Horn, the Director of the German Entomological Institute in Berlin-Dahlem, to whom I sent several specimens for determination.

The chrysops flies are not without importance in the human pathology. I mention only the role played by the African species Chrysops dimidiatus in the transmission of Filaria loa.