Minutes of the Council Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine, Annual Meeting, 1920

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The Council was called to order on Monday, April 26, 1920, at 5.00 p.m. in the private office of the Secretary, 3439 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans.

The following members of the Council were present: Drs. Swan, Nichols, Bass, Heiser, and Simon.

The President gave an extemporaneous résumé of the activities of the Society during the preceding year.

The report of the Secretary and Treasurer was read and approved. Final action was taken in regard to the matter of admission of new members from the Latin Americas. A motion was carried to the effect that prospective members in the Latin Americas, who had previously indicated their desire to become active members, through the solicitations of the Membership Committee, be required to submit their application in regular form and in strict accordance with the provisions of the by-laws. A motion was also passed empowering the Treasurer to drop those members whose dues were found to be in arrears for a period of over three years.