Minutes of Annual Meeting

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The sixteenth annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine was called to order on Monday, April 26, 1920, in the Gold Room of the Grunewald Hotel, New Orleans, with the President, Major H. J. Nichols, in the Chair.

In addition to the Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. S. K. Simon, the following members were present: Drs. John M. Swan, Isadore Dyer, C. C. Bass, V. G. Heiser, I. I. Lemann, J. B. Guthrie, G. W. McCoy, Howard. A number of guests were also present. The President read his address, entitled “The American Society of Tropical Medicine.”

Dr. John M. Swan presented a paper with lantern slide demonstration, entitled “Medical Notes on San Domingo and Haiti.” No discussion.

In the absence of Dr. J. F. Schamberg, his paper entitled, “Report of a Case of Yaws in an American Soldier of the American Expeditionary Forces,” was read by Dr. Nichols, and afterwards discussed by Drs. Swan and Nichols.