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Third Cranial Nerve Palsy in the Setting of Chikungunya Virus Infection

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  • 1 Ophthalmology Department, Martinique University Hospital, Martinique, France (French West Indies).

We report the case of a 62-year-old patient who developed an acute painless isolated left third cranial nerve palsy sparing the pupil in the setting of an acute chikungunya infection. The patient had no significant medical history. Specifically, he had no vascular risk factors. Ocular involvement in chikungunya fever is uncommon. The potential virus- and infection-related mechanisms of this third cranial nerve palsy are discussed.

Author Notes

* Address correspondence to Rabih Hage, Service Ophtalmologie, CHU Fort de France, BP 632, 97261 Fort de France Cedex, Martinique, France. E-mail: rabih.hage@chu-fortdefrance.fr

Authors' addresses: Réda Benzekri, Rabih Hage, and Harold Merle, Ophthalmology Department, Martinique University Hospital, Martinique, France (French West Indies), E-mails: reda.benzekri@gmail.com, rabih.hage@chu-fortdefrance.fr, and harold.merle@chu-fortdefrance.fr.