Laboratory Identification of Pathogenic Fungi Simplified

by Elizabeth L. Hazen, Ph.D., and Frank Curtis Reed. 2nd ed., 150 + xv pages, illustrated. Springfield, Ill., Charles C Thomas, 1960. $7.50

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  • Communicable Disease Center, Atlanta, Ga.

The first edition of Hazen and Reed's book was published in 1955. The authors' objective was to provide students with the basic information needed to identify human pathogenic fungi through the use of concise descriptive material and well-chosen photographs.

The second edition appears with a hard cover and 42 additional pages. The increase in size results from the inclusion of a new section on common fungi that are encountered as contaminants in the course of laboratory work. Three diseases not previously covered have been included: South American blastomycosis, aspergillosis and mucormycosis. The section on candidiasis has been expanded and new photomicrographs substituted for several of the old ones. The list of references has been updated and formulae for several new media provided.

This publication covers the human fungous diseases under two general headings: superficial mycoses and deep-seated mycoses. The cultural and microscopic features of each etiologic agent are covered in a few paragraphs.