A Handbook of Diseases of the Skin

by Henry O. Mackey, F.R.C.S.I., L.R.C.P.I., D.P.H. (University of Dublin), L.M., F.R.I.A.M. 6th edition, 263 pages, ill. Dublin, C. J. Fallon Ltd., 1959. 8/6

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“This book is intended primarily for students as a practical guide to the clinical study and treatment of diseases of the skin.” With this objective as his goal the author has succeeded in compressing much useful information and many illustrative photographs into the confines of a volume small enough to be inviting.

To be useful, however, such a guide should contain only information which is correct by present standards and it should not lead into error those readers who are insufficiently experienced to recognize debatable teachings. One may question the validity of several statements in the text, especially that “the lesions of impetigo tend to spontaneous cure in about three weeks,” that “Sarcoidosis is probably a peculiar form of hematogenous skin tuberculosis associated with visceral tuberculosis” and that in pityriasis rubra pilaris “the general tendency is to spontaneous cure.”In discussing lupus erythematosus the author states that “Lupusvulgaris is simulated by a rare type called lupus vulgaris erythematoides,” implying erroneously that this entity is a form of lupus erythematosus.