The Epidemiology of a Disappearing Disease: Malaria

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The honor of the invitation to deliver the 24th Charles Franklin Craig Lecture is greatly enhanced for me by the presence of Dr. Lewis W. Hackett, my first chief, as our presiding officer. It is significant that the invitation to speak on Malaria Eradication comes so soon after the masterly 22nd Charles Franklin Craig Lecture on “Malaria Eradication—Growth of the Concept and its Application” by Dr. Louis L. Williams, Jr., just 2 years ago. This reflects the interest of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in what has come to be the greatest public health effort of all times and the recognition by your leaders that the development of the program for the world-wide eradication of malaria is so rapid that this Society must have frequent reports, if it is to discharge properly the responsibilities assumed in 1951 when the American Society of Tropical Medicine and the National Malaria Society were fused to become the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

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Emeritus Director, Pan American Sanitary Bureau. Present address: 4101 Rosemary Street, Chevy Chase 15, Maryland.