The Human Integument

by Stephen Rothman, editor, with 13 contributors. 1st edition, 260 pages, illustrated. Washington, D. C., American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1959. $6.75

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A lucid, informative and valuable monograph containing papers presented by 13 authors at the December, 1957, meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. From his unique background as author of the classic work on biochemistry and physiology of the skin, Rothman, the editor of the present volume, perceptively selected a group of outstanding participants. As the editor notes, it is not sufficient that research be successful; the news of this success must be disseminated. Most, but not all, of the authors are dermatologists actively engaged in basic laboratory research. With one foot in the laboratory and the other in the clinic the authors present their studies so as to provide new and refreshing insights into the altered physiology of diseases of the skin. There is much that is basic and much that is clinical. The success of the correlation between the two could well serve as a model for future efforts.