1959—DDT. The Insecticide DDT and its Significance

Edited by Paul Muller, Basel. Volume II. Human and Veterinary Medicine. Edited by S. W. Simmons, Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A. Authored by W. J. Hayes, Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.; S. W. Simmons, Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A.; and E. F. Knipling, Washington, D. C., U.S.A. 570 pp, 63 figures and 65 tables. Basel and Stuttgart, Birkhäuser Verlag. 1959. Fr. 66—(DM 66—)

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The second tome of this serial treatise on DDT adds three more chapters to the five in the first volume. These are entitled 1) Pharmacology and Toxicology of DDT, 2) The Use of DDT Insecticides in Human Medicine, and 3) The Use of DDT in Veterinary Medicine. They are contributed, respectively, by the eminent authorities in those subjects listed above.

The first of these, Chapter VI in the series, is by Dr. W. J. Hayes, Jr., who, with his associates at the Communicable Disease Center Technology Laboratory in Savannah, Georgia, has been studying and evaluating the biological effects of DDT and other modern insecticides for many years. Dr. Hayes' contribution is a meticulously written summary of, and commentary upon, the literature (685 references cited) pertaining to his chapter title, with tables, graphs, and illustrations to clarify or condense its content.