Books Received

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Annual Review of Entomology, by Edward A. Steinhaus and Ray Smith, Ed'rs. 4th edition, 467 pages. Palo Alto, Calif. Annual Reviews, Inc., 1959. $7.00.

Immunization Information for International Travel, Public Health Service Public'n. No. 384. 77 pages, ill. Washington, D.C., Gov't. Printing Office, 1959. $0.30.

Physicians for a Growing America. (Report of the Surgeon General's Consultant Group on Medical Education), Public Health Service Publication. No. 709. 1st edition, 95 + xiv pages, maps. Washington, D.C., Gov't. Printing Office, 1959. $0.60.

Microbial Variation, by V. D. Timakov, Ed'r. (Translated from the Russian by G. H. Beale). 1st edition, 202 + x pages, ill. New York, N.Y., Pergamon Press, 1959. $6.50.

Blindness in West Africa, by F. C. Rodger, M.D., Ch.M., D.O.M.S., F.R.S.T.M.&H. 1st edition, 262 pages + xiv, ill. London, H. K. Lewis & Co., Ltd. (for the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind), 1959. £3.10.0d.