A Combination of Amodiaquin and Primaquine (Camoprim) in the Prevention and Cure of Sporozoite-Induced Chesson Strain Vivax Malaria

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This study was undertaken to evaluate the protective and radical curative effects of a preparation in tablets containing 150 mg amodiaquin and 15 mg primaquin when used against sporozoite-induced Chesson-strain vivax malaria. It was effective in both respects. Patent malaria did not develop in any of the 6 test subjects when given 2 tablets in a single dose, weekly, for 8 weeks prior to and for 10 weeks after they had been bitten by infected mosquitoes. Radical cure in all of the 9 test subjects was obtained when the same dose was given weekly or bi-weekly for 10 doses following treatment of the acute attack with amodiaquin. The latter drug removed gametocytes from the circulating blood within 36 hours. It would thus appear that this preparation (Camoprim®) might well be used in malaria eradication programs. It has also been demonstrated that it is effective in obtaining a radical cure in individual cases.

Author Notes

Department of Clinical Investigation; Parke, Davis & Company.

Chief Medical Officer, Florida State Prison, Raiford, Florida.