A New Antigenic Group of Arthropod-Borne Viruses

The Bunyamwera Group

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  • Rockefeller Foundation Virus Laboratories, New York
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Four arthropod-borne viruses—Bunyamwera and Wyeomyia, both in the literature for many years, and Cache Valley and Kairi viruses, newly discovered—have been found to be related serologically among themselves and not to viruses in arbor virus groups A, B and C. This finding fulfills the criteria for the establishment of a new antigenic group in the arbor viruses. In the past, such groups have been designated alphabetically; however, as already indicated,10 this type of nomenclature may, with increasing number of groups, cease to be practical, and furthermore, may result in conflicting designations by independent investigators. For these reasons, it is considered advisable, at least pending final solution of the problem of nomenclature of arthropod-borne virus groups, to designate this new group by the name of one of its members. Accordingly, the designation Bunyamwera Group has been selected.