Response to Hossain and Others: Hospital-Based Surveillance for Japanese Encephalitis at Four Sites in Bangladesh, 2003–2005

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    Hossain MJ, Gurley ES, Montgomery S, Petersen L, Sejvar J, Fischer M, Panella A, Powers AM, Nahar N, Rafique Uddin AK, Rahman ME, Saifuddin Ekram AR, Luby SP, Breiman RF, 2010. Hospital-based surveillance for Japanese encephalitis at four sites in Bangladesh, 2003–2005. Am J Trop Med Hyg 82: 344349.

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  • 2.

    Khan AM, Khan AQ, Dobrzynski L, Joshi GP, Myat A, 1981. A Japanese encephalitis focus in Bangladesh. J Trop Med Hyg 84: 4144.

  • 3.

    Burke DS, Nisalak A, Ussery MA, Laorakpongse T, Chantavibul S, 1985. Kinetics of IgM and IgG responses to Japanese encephalitis virus in human serum and cerebrospinal fluid. J Infect Dis 151: 10931099.

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    Solomon T, Thao LT, Dung NM, Kneen R, Hung NT, Nisalak A, Vaughn DW, Farrar J, Hien TT, White NJ, Cardosa MJ, 1998. Rapid diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis by using an immunoglobulin M dot enzyme immunoassay. J Clin Microbiol 36: 20302034.

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  • 5.

    Libraty DH, Nisalak A, Endy TP, Suntayakorn S, Vaughn DW, Innis BL, 2002. Clinical and immunological risk factors for severe disease in Japanese encephalitis. Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg 96: 173178.

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  • 6.

    World Health Organization, 2006. WHO Recommended Standards for Surveillance of Selected Vaccine-Preventable Diseases. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization.

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