Should Hepatitis B Serosurveys Methodology Be Reconsidered?

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  • 1.

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    Lada O, Benhamou Y, Poynard T, Thibault V, 2006. Coexistence of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBs Ag) and anti-HBs antibodies in chronic hepatitis B virus carriers: influence of “a” determinant variants. J Virol 80: 29682975.

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    Minuk GY, Sun DF, Uhanova J, Zhang M, Caouette S, Nicolle LE, Gutkin A, Doucette K, Martin B, Giulivi A, 2005. Occult hepatitis B virus infection in a North American community-based population. J Hepatol 42: 480485.

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  • 4.

    Kim SM, Lee KS, Park CJ, Lee JY, Kim KH, Park JY, Lee JH, Kim HY, Yoo JY, Jang MK, 2007. Prevalence of occult HBV infection among subjects with normal serum ALT levels in Korea. J Infect 54: 185191.

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  • 5.

    Vildózola Gonzales H, Salinas JL, 2009. Natural history of chronic Hepatitis B virus infection. Rev Gastroenterol Peru 29:147157.

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