Annals of the Institute of Tropical Medicine. Special Number Dedicated to the VI International Congresses of Tropical Medicine and Malariology (in Portuguese and English)

by various authors. Volume 15, Supplement 1, 510 pages, illustrated. Lisbon, Institute of Tropical Medicine, 1959

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The scope of this special historical number of the Annals is well expressed in the foreword by the Director of the Institute; (page 9) “… as the Institute of Tropical Medicine is the Body entrusted with the honor of organizing the Congresses, it is understandable that it should communicate to this important meeting, not only its work and activities during its 56 years of existence, but also all the disinterested efforts which the Country has made in the Overseas Provinces in the way of medical assistance to their inhabitants … this number of the Annals serves to tell what Portugal has achieved in altruistic medical services in the tropical regions; it begins with a short history of the life and work of the Institute of Tropical Medicine … special reference is made to the Research Institutes and Permanent Missions which under its orientation, operate overseas, and which, together with the Institute, constitute a working unit in the Country, whose homogeneity is the basis of its strength and action.