The Mammals of North America

by E. Raymond Hall, Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of Zoology, University of Kansas, and Keith R. Kelson, Ph.D., Division of Scientific Personnel and Education, National Science Foundation. 2 vols., 1,373 pp., 1,216 illustrations. New York, the Ronald Press Co., 1959. $35.00

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This monumental work provides a synopsis of the taxonomy and distribution of mammals of North America, including Greenland, south to Panama and to Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. Orders, families, genera and species are characterized compactly, and selected facts on their biology are summarized at the appropriate rank. Keys to families, genera, and species are provided, and taxa of other ranks from sub-orders down (but not subspecies) are included in the keys if they figure in the taxonomic scheme adopted for a given group. Critical citations supporting the adopted nomenclature, binomial or trinomial, as the case may be, are given in conventional manner. Exclusive of marine mammals, each species, with its collective subspecies if any are recognized, is provided with a distribution map; marginal records are shown there by dots and then listed and documented in text. Otherwise, subspecies are merely listed alphabetically.In addition to 500 maps, there are 538 figures of skulls exemplifying most genera and species, and also many unnumbered ink drawings of mammals including at least one representative of most general.