Recovery of Herpes Simplex, Spontaneous Murine and Chick Viruses in Tests on Specimens from Infectious Hepatitis Patients

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  • 406th Medical General Laboratory, APO 343, San Francisco, California
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Inoculation into 1 or more of 7 experimental hosts of 405 clinical specimens obtained from 200 infectious hepatitis cases resulted in recovery of a number of enzootic viruses unrelated in any demonstrable way to the human disease, and in isolation from 7 of 200 patients of herpes simplex virus. Serologic study of 259 other hepatitis patients revealed concurrent hepatitis and herpes simplex infections in an additional 8 patients. The evidence that these 15 patients were suffering dual infections is presented and discussed.

Author Notes

Present address: Division of Biologics Standards, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda 14, Maryland.