Adenoviruses Isolated from Saudi Arabia

II. Pathogenicity of Certain Strains for Man

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Five blind children were experimentally infected with adenoviruses type 16, 17 and strain “931,” and with conjunctival scrapings from 2 cases of trachoma. The clinical signs and symptoms and the course of illness were compatible with those of acute follicular conjunctivitis. Viruses were reisolated in 2 of the 3 cases infected by the adenoviruses while immunological response was detected in all 3 cases. Histological findings of biopsied materials taken during the acute inflammatory stage were similar for all 5 cases.

Author Notes

Ophthalmologist, Hong Kong-Kowloon Eye Clinic.

Department of Microbiology, Harvard School of Public Health and Aramco Trachoma Research Unit of the Medical Department, Arabian American Oil Company.

Director of Eye Pathology Laboratory, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.