The Hematological Findings, Serum Protein Pattern and Liver Function Tests in Acute Amebic Dysentery and Amebic Liver Abscess

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  • Department of Medicine, University of Natal and the Amoebiasis Research Unit, Durban, South Africa
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The literature dealing with liver function tests and changes in the serum proteins in amebiasis is reviewed and the results of hematological investigations, liver function tests, serum proteins and electrophoretic protein patterns in 49 cases of acute amebic dysentery and 31 of amebic liver abscess, investigated on admission, on discharge 27 to 30 days later and during follow-up, are reported. These findings are compared with each other and with 50 African control subjects.

It is concluded that in amebic dysentery the findings are compatible with disturbance of bowel function, whereas in liver abscess the changes are indistinguishable from those due to hepatic dysfunction.

Author Notes

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