Schistosomiasis of Spleen with Abscess Formation and Infarction

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  • Department of Pathology, U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit-3, Department of Surgery, American Mission Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
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  1. 1.The clinical, laboratory and operative findings in a young Egyptian male suffering from an enlarged, painful and tender spleen are reported and commented upon.
  2. 2.Histological examination of the surgically removed spleen showed multiple abscess cavities and infarcts, together with numerous schistosome eggs and granulomas. Both S. haematobium and S. mansoni eggs were identified in the sections.
  3. 3.The schistosome eggs are believed to have reached the spleen as emboli via the splenic artery, after having escaped from the pulmonary into the systemic circulation.

Author Notes

Present address: Baptist Memorial Hospital, San Antonio, Texas.