Non-Venereal Syphilis; A Sociological and Medical Study of Bejel

by Ellis Herndon Hudson, M.D., DTM&H (London), F.A.C.P., Professor and Director of Health, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. 1st edition, 203 pages, illustrated. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins Company, 1958, $7.00 (U. S.)

Thomas B. Turner
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It happens frequently in medicine (but not often enough) that an author's name becomes inextricably associated with a disease syndrome even if not in a nosological sense. And so it is with E. H. Hudson and the syndrome bejel, which virtually he alone brought into the consciousness of the medical world long before the publication of the present monograph.

Hudson began the study of bejel some 30 years ago as a young missionary physician in the Arab district of Deir-ez-Zon. After 10 years of work and study he returned to the United States, and engaged in various medical activities, but probably all the while brooded on his experience with bejel in relation to rapidly developing biological and clinical knowledge of syphilis and the other treponematoses. Fortunate man when, in 1950 he had the opportunity under the auspices of the World Health Organization, to return to the Euphrates Valley and, with all the perspective of the intervening years, to again study the treponematoses in this area of the world.

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