Clinical and Immunologic Aspects of Fungous Diseases

by J. Walter Wilson, M.D., Los Angeles, California; Clinical Professor of Medicine, Dermatology, University of Southern California; Member and Director, American Board of Dermatology. 1st ed'n, 280 pp., Springfield, Illinois, Charles C Thomas, 1957, $6.75

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Those who know and admire J. Walter Wilson's charm and enthusiasm for medical mycology will enjoy this book, even if they may disagree with certain statements in it. This reviewer experiences both feelings and yet recommends the book highly, not only to the clinicians at whom it is aimed, but also to laboratory investigators and students first entering the field. A more stimulating (if at times controversial) treatise remains to be written on the facts and unsolved problems in fungous diseases.

Although the book's title suggests primary concern with immunology, still one of the greatest challenges in our understanding of the mycoses, the author's mind, as many know, sweeps the horizon and gives us the benefit of its far-reaching scan. Few students of mycology have had, as he admits, as inspiring an array of teachers and colleagues from whom to learn and on whom to test theories and dreams; few have done as much to disseminate information and enthusiasm.